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Extrusion ultrasonic cutting machine

Built with cutting-edge technology, this machine is specifically designed to cut and pack extruded chocolate from a cooling belt. With its versatile design, it can be easily customized to fit all belt sizes and heights, making it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

So whether you're a small business or a large-scale manufacturer, the Extrusion Ultrasonic Cutting Line is the perfect choice for all your chocolate cutting and packing needs. Don't wait - contact us today to learn more and get started on your journey to success!

ChocostickLine_Robot_Assembly v256.png


Our machine utilizes ultrasonic technology to cut the chocolate, ensuring that each piece is precise and uniform. This means that you can produce high-quality chocolate products every time, without any variation in size or shape.

The Extrusion Ultrasonic Cutting Line also has a built-in packing function. This means that your chocolate can be cut and packed in one seamless process, saving you time and money on labor costs.

Automatic boxfeeder with buffer capabilities ensuring the machine can run approx 20min on its own, depending on the size of boxes


The Extrusion Ultrasonic Cutting Line is incredibly efficient, boasting a production rate of around 105/h to 150kg/h depending on the type of product. This means that you can get more done in less time, maximizing your profits.

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