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Introducing ChoCobot - the revolutionary new automated system designed to streamline the chocolate production process.


The benefits of ChoCobot don't end there. By automating the chocolate production process, you can also reduce waste and improve hygiene. ChoCobot is the perfect solution for chocolate manufacturers looking to take their production process to the next level.


ChoCobot can work autonomously, allowing you to set the amount of moulds you need to be filled and have it work on its own until the task is complete. ChoCobot takes the empty moulds, fills them with chocolate, puts them in the refrigerator, removes the chocolate from the moulds when it's hardened, refills its mould stock, and repeats the process - all without any human intervention.

ChoCobot isn't just a functional and efficient automated system - it's also an interactive and visually appealing addition to your chocolate production process. With its advanced technology and sleek design, ChoCobot is sure to impress both customers and employees alike.

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